Soul Yantra web site launched

We express ourself through the use of symbols and machines all the time. Writing and language are symbolic of our intentions and in order to express these intentions, we often use some apparatus or machine. Yantras also include signs, mantras and tantra. Different Yantras are connected with different deities or angels as well as a specific mantra. The five gross elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air and ether are also connected to Yantras and by performing specific rituals utilising the appropriate Yantras it is said that one can control nature.

According to the Vedas, a Yantra is a science that can be used to connect apparently disparate elements and malefic influences into one harmonising action. For example, a planet that may normally assert a harmful effect on someone can be countered through the use of Yantras. A Yantra literally becomes the medium through which the invisible forces of energy can act on an individual.

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