Aleksandra Skoric

Paul has been very practical in helping me find solutions in using the website for management of the programs, in particular, e-business and the China SME lending banking conference web site, which I think is an excellent piece of work.

Paul understands very well the notion of “the BRAND” and has worked very cohesively with the rest of us to create a website which is consistent and logical and user-friendly. It has helped us many times in figuring out which business lines in the department are working properly and which are not because in devising the website we have often had to think about our “strategic” direction. It has often happened that strategic direction and programs such as the ones that I have worked in the SME banking were devised by staff and demanded by the PDFs rather than directly came from the management website has helped us communicate.

Paul has played an important part in putting this content and sifting the content in order for us and our clients to have a user-friendly access to the website. As much as he helped in creating the BRAND for the department, he also contributed toward building the IMAGE of the SME group.

He did an excellent job on creating brochures for the Corporate Performance Awards program. It is by far the most creative piece I have seen in IFC’s sometimes sterile culture, which shows that he certainly does think outside of the box. Now for the SME Department, that is one requirement that is necessary.