Amita Jain

I have known Mr. Paul Turner for more than 10 years.  Mr. Turner has more knowledge about web design, web marketing, and website search optimization than anyone else I know.  But more importantly, he has the sincere desire to help the people he works for.  His advice is consistently genuine with his client’s best interests always first in mind.  When working with Mr. Turner, we never felt he was a business partner, but rather a good friend.  He truly wants to see others succeed, and that seems to be the greatest motivation for his work, which is seen in the positive results he produces for his clients.

Classic Homes currently owns numerous domain names and hosting plans with Mr. Turner’s web hosting company, Houddini Design Studios.  We have had excellent service for the last 5 years and would not consider moving to any other company.  During the few times we have had minor issues, Mr. Turner and his team have always responded quickly to correct the problems.  Mr. Turner is someone we turn to for technical help, support, and advice and he has always made himself available to advise us, even when it was beyond his duties and also during his busiest times.

We believe in Mr. Turner’s abilities to improve the sales of any business and would strongly recommend his services.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.